Names after Ranger Christian Shamavu
Nickname “The young one”
Gender Male
Date of birth 2011
Rescued 2011

Shamavu was caught by poachers in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The poachers were looking for a buyer for the gorilla baby. Asking Price 40,000 US Dollars … Shamavu was carried around for weeks in a small backpack until finally discovered during an undercover operation. He received medical attention and then was transferred by plane to GRACE in october of 2011.
Since joining GRACE, Shamavu has established a close bond with gorilla Pinga (also a gorilla that you can adopt). Pinga has emerged as his surrogate mother. The two form a special duo. Pinga was the leader of the group until 2017 (which is very special for a female gorilla!) And Shamavu is only too happy to use her protection. Shamavu likes to play with the other gorillas. But if it gets a bit too rough for him, or if a gorilla takes food from him, he quickly shouts at Pinga who comes to help him. Even if it is Shamavu to blame …

Most caregivers think Shamavu is the most beautiful gorilla at GRACE. This is due to its thick dark hair and striking eyes. But behind that beauty is a real clown! His favorite hobbies are playing, fooling around and doing crazy things. This handsome boy is always in a good mood and when he knows that someone is watching, he just walks a bit on his two legs. Just because he can!

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Photo credits: © GRACE