Meaning of name Drums
Nickname “The leader”
Gender Male
Date of birth 2009
Rescued 2010

Kighoma was transferred to GRACE in 2010. The small gorilla orphan was held in the city of Buniatenge in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kighoma was in the hands of a rebel group, something that happens frequently. Wild animals are used as mascots by the rebels. Kighoma was eventually saved by a man named Kighoma, so it is also immediately clear whom this gorilla owes his name to!

After his rescue, Kighoma lived in Goma for a few more years, along with three other gorillas: Mapendo, Amani and Ndjingala. When GRACE, a rehabilitation center specially built for Grauer gorillas, was established in 2010, all four gorilla orphans were brought here. This happened with a very special transport; namely with a United Nations helicopter.

In 2017 He became the leader of the gorilla group at GRACE. It is wonderful to see how Kighoma slowly transforms into a silverback, not only changing its appearance but also its behavior. We will tell you all about it in the updates which you receive as a gorilla guardian of Kighoma.

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Photo credits: © GRACE